Katy Perry’s fourth upcoming studio album, Prism, has already created quite a buzz for Ms. Perry with its first single release, Roar, selling more singles than Lady Gaga’s latest single, Applause . I really thought Lady Gaga would be outselling Katy Perry for sure , especially with all the media frenzy over her new painted face look; but I guess I was wrong. Katy Perry has hit over 525,000 downloads of <em>Roar since its August 10th release while Lady Gaga is still sitting at about 250,000 downloads. Prism is scheduled for release October 22, 2013 and is anticipated to be a darker album , revealing a darker side of Katy Perry.

Listening to Roar I felt like I was listening to a new anthem for strength and overcoming adversity. I didn’t feel like I was listening , necessarily to a dark side of Katy Perry rather than one of strength and focus rather than an upbeat Cali girl. I like the new song, Perry’s vocals are strong and much more soulful in this track. It really sounds like she’s singing from the heart rather than singing about melting popsicles. Like the old Katy Perry but I think I’m really doing to be a fan of the new Perry.

Now to on to the food.

Katy Perry is a HUGE fan of mushrooms and could eat them all the time if she had the chance. I decided with this recipe to make something light, healthy with plenty of mushrooms; just the kind of dish Katy Perry would enjoy. And these are a great quick appetizer or snack when entertaining guests 🙂

Prism Mushroom And Spinach Filo Cups With Goat Cheese


-1/2 pack of Filo Dough
– Olive Oil Non Stick Spray
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1/3 cup melted butter
– 1/2 pound of finely diced Baby Portabella Mushrooms
– 1 finely diced Red Onion
– Salt and Pepper
– 2 tablespoons of Fresh Goat Cheese ( Whatever brand you like just don’t get any with extra seasoning and herbs)
-1/3 cup of Finely Diced Baby Spinach


1) Preheat oven to 375. Spray a mini muffin pan with nonstick spray.

2) Take a sheet of phyllo and brush with melted butter. Lay another sheet on top and repeat until you have five sheets stacked up. Cut into small equal squares and press into cups.

3) Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden. Watch carefully and don’t let them burn. Take out and twist out of cups.

4) Set the filo cups aside to cool.

5) In a medium saucepan, heat your olive oil and saute the mushroom and onion until the onion has slightly caramelized.

6) Add salt and pepper to taste. Add your spinach and cook until wilted. Then add your goat cheese and mix until well incorporated.

7) Using a teaspoon, fill each of your filo cups. Serve warm and enjoy !

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