Marvin Gaye, Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing Featuring Try It You’ll Like It Halloween Brownies

Author : Kevin Janaway

What’s to tell about Marvin Gaye? Well, aint nothing like the real thing Baby, aint nothing like the real thing. He had an intense Celebrity Life that occurred later in life for him. With the typical case of drug addiction wrecking his talent, and the abusive religious father leading to his success and his demise, Marvin Gaye still leaves us with an outstanding pop culture legacy.

You might think that the California Raisins originated “I Heard it through the Grapevine,” but it was really Mr. Gaye himself. His real last name was Gay, but people kept harassing him saying, “Marvin’s Gay,” so he added the “e” to dismiss sexuality rumors as well as to separate his own identity from his abusive father’s.

Not only was Marvin Gay Sr, an abusive father, and Ordained Minister, but he was also a Cross-Dresser. Gaye spotted his Dad from the age of 12 on, dressing up in his mother’s clothes and wig to go out at night. These incidents are said to have inspired “Sexual Healing.” Marvin Gay Sr often beat Gaye over anything, and appeared to never love his son, believing that Marvin Jr was not his biological son. This led to Gaye running away at age seventeen and becoming a Motown Legend, but not at first.

Successful people do fail at first. Gaye sang with many groups that did not work out, and if they did, their songs flopped. He worked as a drummer for twelve bucks a week, before he began singing with the up-and-coming Tammi Terrell. They had such hits as “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing,” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” This took Gaye’s career to a new level. Alas, Terrell developed brain cancer which ended her ability to perform, as well as her life. Gaye was devastated.

After emerging from a dark depression, Gaye switched his focus, and wrote a controversial ditty, “What’s Going On,” after witnessing police brutality at a Berkley protest. Motown personality, Berry Gordy did not want to release the song, due to the song’s political message. After Gaye went on strike, and Berry did release the song, one year later, it became the biggest song that year and sold millions of copies. He also added “Mercy Mercy Me,” and started the R&B trend of creating a “concept album.”

In 1984, Gaye’s life came to an abrupt end when he was shot dead by his own father. Gaye had purchased a gun for his father as a Christmas present. Gaye’s drug addiction was so bad that he was convinced people were after him, and had given his father the gun to protect him. However, one night Gaye became very combative and fought with his father and mother. Gaye became violent and dangerous. He was also living with his parents to wean himself off of his severe drug habit. Even though Marvin Gay Sr had been brutally abusive and unloving towards his son, throughout Gaye’s entire life, he stated that Gaye became so dangerous and volatile that he shot him twice in self-defense. After this was proven, Marvin Gay Sr, was acquitted and not charged with murder.

On a lighter note, at the time of his death, “Let’s Get it On,” had just come out and was still a huge hit song. Everybody loved the direct sexuality of the song, and it always stops me in my tracks when I hear “Let’s Get it On,” in the frozen food section of the grocery store? What types of foods do you purchase before “getting it on?” Marvin apparently didn’t eat much food, as he was into drugs. What aphrodisiacs do you like best? Chocolate, vanilla, watermelon, mangos, chili peppers? Apparently asparagus and avocado are on that list too? I had no idea, but I would love some guac with chips all the same. Also, red wine is an aphrodisiac, allegedly. That might just be because it gets you drunk. Also, the ever-so-healthy salmon is considered a fun yet healthy aphrodisiac. Do you want to “get it on” with a fun aphrodisiac smorgasbord? Well, I certainly do, cause there “ain’t nothing like the real thing Baby, ain’t nothing like the real thing.”

Author : Shap

Marvin Gaye is an artist that immediately makes me think of ” Old School ” and ” Timeless” when I think about the legacy of his music. I wanted to make a dish that is a classic oldie but a goodie that never goes out of style no matter what current food trends. The brownie is exactly that dessert. Its decadent, comforting and always a great dessert ..its timeless, classic , and gets you in the mood just like Marvin Gaye.:) And of course ….we had to make it Halloween Themed !!! Enjoy !!

Try It, You’ll Like It Halloween Brownies

Makes 16 Brownies


– 1 egg
– 1 package of your favorite Brownie Mixture
– 1/3 cup water
– 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
– 1 tub of Creamy Chocolate Frosting
– Purple Gel Icing , thin writing tube
– 16 Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies
– 8 Crushed Oreo Cookies
– Candy Corn
– Pumpkin Mellow Candy


1) Preheat the oven to 325

2) In a mixing bowl, combine the egg, oil and water and stir until well mixed. Then add your dry brownie mixture and stir together until the batter is moist and well incorporated.

3) Pour the mixture into a greased 8 x 8 pan and cook for 45 minutes.

4) Allow the brownies to cool for about 2 hours before frosting them.

5) Frost the top of the brownies and cut them into the individual squares.

6) Write whatever message you would like on your milano cookies with the purple icing, and using the candy corn, oreo crumbs and pumpkin candy decorate your brownies.

7) Serve!!

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